19th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena. BILBAO

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19th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena. Bilbao. July 16-20, 2017



Plenary speakers

Juan Jose Alvarado Gil

Juan Jose Alvarado, Mexico.
“Photothermal characterization of nano and microstructured materials”

Bertrand Audoin

Bertrand Audoin, France.
“Picosecond ultrasonics to probe and image biological cells”

Gerald Diebold

Gerald Diebold, USA.
“The photoacoustic effect from moving sources, detection of ultrasmall temperature differences, photoacoustic emissivity determination”

Xabier Maldague

Xabier Maldague, Canada.
“Infrared Vision for NonDestructive Testing: Review and Applications”

Alexei Maznev

Alexei Maznev, USA.
“Photoacoustics in search for the phonon mean free path”

Sebastian Volz

Sebastian Volz, France.
“The unexpected and versatile spectral landscape of heat in nanostructures”

Vladimir Zharov

Vladimir Zharov, USA.
“Nonlinear photoacoustics and phototothermics to break the spectral, diffraction and detection limits”


Keynote Tutorial Speakers

Andreas Mandelis

Andreas Mandelis, Canada.
“Photothermal - Wave Radar and Coherence Tomographies – Principles and Applications”

Alexander Oraevsky

Alexander Oraevsky, USA.
“Optoacoustic tomography: from principles to system designs to biomedical applications”

Ugo Zamitt

Ugo Zammit, Italy.
“Thermophysical properties evaluation by pyroelectric detection”